1. The Michael Faith Incident

21_boston_05.jpg After three months of boycotting South Boston High for its racial violence, a white student named Michael Faith, 18, was stabbed during a shoving match. James White, an 18-year-old black student from Roxbury, was arrested for the incident. Because James was black, many white people yelled and screamed racial comments towards all of the blacks who attended both the school and the incident. South Boston High closed down shortly after when parents and students realized they were not learning the correct curriculum. I realized I couldn't read, write, or even speak English well," Diana McDonough explains, who was an honor student graduate of South Boston High.

"Southie Boils Over". U.S. Times, Monday December 23rd 1974.

2. Rabbit Inn Incident
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During “National Boycott Day”, thousands of people march down the streets of South Boston. Most of the schools that are involved are calm and out of the way but South Boston High and Charlestown High are different stories. At these two schools, there are fights daily, especially between blacks and whites. Blacks demand more black administrators at the school while the whites demand special treatment. One man named James S. Coleman emerged with a proposal that may help the racial issues. Because busing has made many white urban families to turn to the suburbs has made city public schools more segregated. Coleman’s idea was to “let any student transfer to any school he chooses within an urban-suburban metropolitan area”(Times 1). Although this idea would leave inner-city schools largely all black, it would help to integrate the suburbs. Coleman says "Almost nobody likes busing, but nobody wants to go back to a situation in which there are no means for providing racial integration either."

A New Idea On Busing". U.S. Times. Monday, November 10, 1975.

4. Whitey Bulger


James Joseph “Whitey” Bulger Jr. was the leader of the Winter Hill Gang. The Winter Hill Gang was an Irish- American crime family in Boston. Whitey is currently wanted for murder, extortion, racketeering, conspiracy to commit murder, money laundering, and many more. He is the 458th Ten most Wanted fugitive. Bulger grew up in Boston with his 5 brothers and sisters. Early signs of a criminal showed through when he was first arrested at the age of 14 for larceny. The crimes became bigger and bigger and soon led to armed robbery. “According to reports, Bulger rapidly became Howie Winter's man in South Boston by helping the Winter Hill Gang shake down the bookies in the **North End, Boston**”(Wikipedia 1). The reason he became a member of the Winter Hill Gang was because he was involved in two shootings, which led to death for one. Whitey Bulger is still currently on the Ten Most Wanted list with a reward of $2 million dollars. The last sighting of Bulger was in London in 2002.

"James J. Bulger." Wikipedia. 15 March 2009.

5. Irish Mob

The Irish Mob, which is one of the most highly organized crime groups of America, have appeared mainly in cities such as Boston, Chicago, and New Orleans. The Winter Hill Gang, which included Whitey Bulger, were best known for fixing horse races. Throughout the 1960’s, the Irish Mob War had hit Boston by two dominant Irish Mobs; the Winter Hill Gang and the Charleston Mob. Many of the Charleston Mob members were killed and the leader of the Winter Hill Gang was also murdered. Howie Winter then led the Winter Hill Gang.

"Irish Mob." Wikipedia. 23 March 2009.

6. Irish Immigration to America
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7. Busing of 1974 in Southie
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8. Michael Patrick Macdonald
Untitled3.png Born March 9th, 1966, Michael Patrick Macdonald was an Irish American activist who is against crime and violence. In October 2000, he wrote his own book called All Souls: A Family Story From Southie, which won an American Book award as well as other awards. It is actually becoming a film soon. MacDonald wrote a personal story in 2006 called Easter Rising: An Irish American Coming Up from Under. He now lives in Brooklynn, New York where he dedicates his life to writing and public speaking.

"Michael Patrick McDonald".
Wikipedia. 18 December 2008.

9. Ray Flynn
Raymond Flynn was born July 22, 1939 and was Elected Mayor of Boston from 1984 to 1993. Flynn started his political career as a member of the Massachusetts House of Representatives, where he represented South Boston neighborhood during the busing crisis of
the early 1970’s. As a democrat, he had a very strong belief for pro-life. He became president of Catholic Alliance in 1999. “Flynn left this group to start **Catholic Citizenship** in 2004, where in 2007, he is its National Chairman” (Wikipedia 1). He was also named Grand Marshall of the 246th consecutive “New York St. Patrick’s Day”.

"Raymond Flynn." Wikipedia. 15 February 2009.

10. Roxbury
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11. Dorchester
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12. Mattapan
Mattapan is a neighborhood located in Boston. Massachusetts. When Dorchester, who neighbors Mattapan, was annexed in 1870, Mattapan became part of Boston. In the 1960’s and 70’s, Mattapan changed completely; population wise. Before, it was made up of 28, 145 people (mostly Jewish). Now, it is made up 37,486 people, 77% African American. Many more seem to be coming due to immigration.

"Mattapan, Massachusetts". Wikipedia. 25 March 2009.

13. Southie
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14. Old Colony Housing Project
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